Omnipresence of Corruption

Corruption, Indian Politics

One should not think that people are always innocent and harmless. They too do evil and encourage evil. In an elected democracy, every one is in need of people’s mandate and support. No one, who has public face, dares to pass a remark on People’s opportunistic thinking. People give their sanction even to the evils, that are declared crimes as per law. Classic examples for this sanction are — dowry and corruption. They take pride in giving and taking dowry. They consider it a status symbol. If they are unable to give, they curse their poverty and not the dowry system.


Where does India live? Gandhi knows it well. He answered this question amid colonial cultural onslaught on our culture in Indian cities on all our behalf long ago. “ India lives in villages.” Answer is relevant even today. Only the question is out of date.
Are Indian villages alive? Perhaps that could be the possible query, a foreign tourist makes, when he visits an Indian village. He can quench his thirst with a bottled soft drink, where village women walk miles together to fetch a pitcher- full of drinking water. If Bapu forgives us, villages die in India.

కలవని కనుపాపలు

రెప్పవాల్చని కన్నుల్లా రెండు బావులు
ఒకటిః మాకు
రెండుః మా వాళ్ళకు
మధ్యలో ముక్కుమీద వేలేసుకున్న రోడ్డు

ఎవడో జల్సారాయుడు