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‘Debt Knell’ is my book of Editorials in print. During the hey days of IT boom, I took up the task of developing online edition of Vaartha.( That was the time the humankind was turning the page of world history. It was entering the new millennium(Y2K). The Political Theater across the globe offered many a farce. India was no exception to this one. I found this was an opportunity come out with my views and started posting online editorial on day to day happening. I love to recall and share them with my friends to prove that things have seldom changed over a decade. The players have changed and not the game. I feel many of the editorials still hold water, though a few have lost their relevance with the passage time.


No doubt, contemporary Poetry in Telugu is much ahead of the same in any other Indian Language. Politics of Identity-say feminism, Dalit question, outcry of minorities and regional backwardness- have enriched our poetic expression. Telugu poetry has always been quick in adopting all the modern and post-modern techniques. Still, our contribution draws little attention of the poetry lovers in other of the country, if not the world. We have the dearth of translators.Even those who indulge in this craft lack poetic sensibilities.They fail to distinguish poets from non-poets and poetry from non-poetry. They select pieces at their disposal , translate and claim it as the representative ones. Most of the times these English renderings remain literal translations -not literary ones. I wrote an editorial in the year 2000 on this ‘injustice’


No ruler has been true to his words in the era of globalization. They have been made to lie. The successive rulers of Andhra Pradesh, say, N.Chandra babu naidu and Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy have deliberately made the people that the loans granted by the World Bank would alleviate poverty. Poor farmers took away their lives because of indebtedness in the tenures of these two rulers. Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy did a little to prevent Babu from throwing the state into perpetual bankruptcy when he was the leader of opposition too. Here is the editorial I wrote in 2000 on their double standards.


Telugu Desam Party(TDP) and Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) suffered a humiliating defeat in the By-poll (12June2012) verdict. Both are losing ground in Andhra Pradesh. They had their hey days when they were together. TDP came back to power in 1999 by have electoral truck with BJP, thanks to ‘patriotic rhetoric’ generated by Kargil war. The latter had to lie low and couldn’t play the role of a potential ally or an opposition party . That was how BJP lost all its ground. This was a piece written on their ‘forced friendship’ in the year 2000.