Satish ChandarSatish Chandar is an independent editor, a trendsetting poet and an inimitable satirist.

He was born on 29th October 1958 in Narsapur, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. He had Masters Degree in Commerce (M.Com) from Andhra University in the year 1980. 

He took up teaching as profession after doing post graduation and joined as a lecturer in commerce in BGBS Women’s College, Narsapur.  Later he switched to Journalism in the year 1984. 

He is known for launching and reviving newspapers. He formed the entire editorial team and conceived editorial content during the launch (in 1996) of ‘Vaartha’ newspaper as the Associate Editor and revived ‘Andhra Prabha’ Daily (in 2004) as the Chief Editor. He founded A.P.College of Journalism (in 1997) at Hyderabad. He has been the editor for Great Andhra,  a Political Weekly, since 2012.

As an auhthor, he has published 27 books of varying geners. 

His poems were translated into many Indian languages besides English. His poems in ‘Panchama Vedam’ are part of curriculum in Telugu literature at Post graduate level in all Universities of Andhra Pradesh (India), Bangalore University and Kerala University 

His short story, Mistake (తప్పు) is prescirbed for BA(hons) English Literature.  

His satirical columns on contemporary politics, social relations and human values have made him a household name in the two Telugu speaking states. His seniors fondly call him ‘Andhra Art Buchwald’ for his wit and humor.

As a Media teacher, he has produced thousands of journalists who constitute a major chunk in Media folks of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

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