Satish Chandar M

As Journalist

  • Highest positions held:
    • Chief Editor for Andhra Prabha (ఆంధ్ర ప్రభ) Telugu Daily (2004-2006 & 2016 -2017)
    • Founder(Associate) Editor for Vaartha (వార్త) Daily(1995-1997)
    • Editor, Internet Edition of Vaartha( (2000-‘02)
    • Editor, Suprabhatam (సుప్రభాతం) Political Weekly (1993-1994)
    • Chief Reporter, Andhra Bhoomi (ఆంధ్రభూమి) Daily(1988-1990)
    • Executive Editor, Vaartha,(2008-2011)
    • Editor, Great Andhra, Film and Political Weekly (2012-    )
    • Newspapers/Magazines started on his own:
      • Praja (ప్రజ), Telugu Daily (in the year 2006)
      • King Maker Joker (కింగ్ మేకర్ జోకర్), Satirical Fortnightly (in the year 1998)
  • Known for launching newspapers
  • Rose from Stringer to editor
  • Published 22 books
  • Known for his editorials
    • Has brought out 3 books of editorials
    • The editorial (తూటాలకు తలలు వాల్చిన వరికంకులు) he wrote when police opened fire and killed agitating farmers in West Godavari District made the peasantry across the state reprint it for campaigning their cause.

As TV host

  • Hosted Morning Edition ( Panel discussion on News published in dailies) every day in V6 (2013-2014)
  • Hosted Telangan Times (Weeky Panel discussion  on socio-economic issues) in V6(2015-  )
  • Hosted This Week ( Weekly Panel discussion on life style topics) in V6( 2012-  )
  • Hosted One to One ( Every day interviews with one person, one topic for one hour) in Deccan TV (2015-2016)
  • Hosted Talk to Me ( Every day interviews with one person, one topic for one hour) in Sneha TV(2018-2019)

As Poet

Has published 5 anthologies of poetry – Panchama Vedam (పంచమవేదం), Nanna Cycle(నాన్న సైకిలు), Pasupu Jabilli (పసుపు జాబిల్లి), Adiparvam (ఆది పర్వం) and Padachitram (పదచిత్రం)

About Panchama Vedam

Satish Chandar’s ‘Panchama Vedam’ was the first anthology of Dalit Poetry exclusively of one poet in Modern Telugu literature as critics like K.Srinivas have rightly observed.

With this work the poet heralded a new epoch. Prof. Velcheru Narayana Rao, who edited Twentieth Century Telugu Poetry (Oxford University Press), placed him amid stalwarts of Telugu Literature of the century. “…I would further emphasize that Dalit poets make new images by reworking the puranic  myths and turning them upside down in order to question the authorized languages. Satish Chandar is one of the more successful poets in this subversive act of creating reworked myth, borrowing from both Sanskrit and Christian sources.” Prof Rao adds.

Research was done on his book by the University of Hyderabad on his books of poetry ‘Panchama Vedam’ and ‘Aadiparvam’ for both M.Phil and Ph.D.

His book, ‘PANCHAMA VEDAM’ was Prescribed for M.A (Telugu Literature) by Andhra University, Vishakapatnam and  the poems in the book always figure in the Curricula of Telugu Literature in most of the universities in Andhra Pradesh.

The English Version of ‘PANCHAMA VEDAM’(The fifth Veda) is part of syllabus for English Literature students in St.Berchmans college(estd:1922), Kerala

Adjudged as one of the hundred best Telugu writers in the last century by TANA

Other works too drew the attention of poetry lovers and critics received laurels

As Satirist and Columnist

  • ABK Prasad, veteran editor, compared him with Art Buchwald, an American humorist of highest repute, in his foreword given to Satish Chandar’s first book of satire ‘Made in India’(1989).
  • He published four other books of satire: Ithihasam (ఇతిహాసం), Valuchoopuloo- Moothi virupulu (వాలుచూపులూ-మూతివిరుపులూ), Daruvu (దరువు) and Chandrahaasam (చంద్రహాసం).
  • He extensively writes columns on politics and society in lighter vein.
  • Presently he is writing columns to two Telugu Dailies: ‘Thakita Thak Thomutha’ (తకిటతక.. తోముతా) in Andhra Bhoomi Daily on every Sunday and ‘e-paper’ (name of the column) in Surya Daily on every Tuesday.

As Short Story writer

  • He has written and published a dozen of short stories, two of which has been translated into English, in reputed publications
  • His story ‘Dog father’ was one among the Top 10 stories of the decade (1991-2000) selected and published by Chandra Sekhar
  • His  story ‘Siggu’ (సిగ్గు) was one among the top 30 stories in 20 years compiled by Paapineni Shiva Shankar and Naveen
  • His anthology of 16 stories by name ‘Siggu’ was published in 2014.

As Literary Critic

  • His book of literary criticism by name ‘Nigraha Vaakyam'(నిగ్రహ వాక్యం) was published in the year 2015. This book contains his critical essays on literary giants and rave reviews on books.As Literary Critic

As Novelist

Wrote and published  a satirical novel ‘Godhanam'(గోధనం) lampooning self-styled Cow vigilantes in the year 2016

As Lexicographer

  • Co-authored a dictionary ‘Palukubadi’(పలుకుబడి) with ABK Prasad in the year 1995

As Academician

  • Founded A.P.College of Journalism ( in the year 1997.
  • Founded Indian Institute of Political Leadership(IIPL) in the year 2014
  • This was placed Number One in AP and Eighth in South India among all the institutes (along with) universities that teach Mass Communication and Journalism in 2012 Survey done by Deccan Chronicle.
  • The college sends 150 to 200 trained journalists to the most of the news channels and newspapers in India every year.
  • He himself teaches journalism along with other members of faculty.

As Psephologist:

CONDUCTED SURVEYS  on vital issues. Four opinion polls brought him wide recognition as a psephologist.

ONE: Readership survey on Telugu newspapers and scientifically sensed the readers pulse before the launch of the newspaper.  This has served as a strategising guide in ‘Vaarhta’.

TWO: Pre-poll survey for 1994 Assembly Elections and predicted the triumph of TDP when the political scene was unpredictable to even political pundits.  This survey was published in ‘Suprabhatam’.

THREE: An extensive survey was conducted prior to the crucial Parliament Elections-1996 and predicted the colossal fall of Lakshmi Parvathi Party.  No other newspaper could do this.

FOUR: King Maker Joker and A. P. College of Journalism under his leadership conducted a pre poll survey on 1999 General Elections and rightly predicted that the truck with BJP would help TDP coming into power.

FIVE: Andhra Prabha and A.P.College of Journalism under his stewardship conducted opinion poll after Naxalites made an attempt on the life of N.Chandrababu Naidu in Alipiri and concluded that sympathy factor wouldn’t work in the impending elections and predicted his defeat in 2014 polls.

Awards :

Here are the honours and awards Satish Chandar has received for the book.

  • Kandukuri Veeresalingam Award for Objective Journalism by Hitakarini Samajam, Rajahmundry in the year 1986
  • Gandham Seetaramenjaneyulu award for Investigative Journalism in the year 1987
  • Artos award for the best Telugu poetry to his book ‘Panchama Vedam’ for the year 1995. (Many of these poems have been translated into English by Prof. Velcheru Narayana Rao. Oxford University Press has carried them in an anthology)
  • Free Verse Front award for Panchama Vedam the best book on Telugu poetry for the year 1996.
  • Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University award for the best poetry for the year 1998.
  • Gajjala Malla Reddy memorial award for 2001 for his contribution in Telugu journalism as editor and Telugu literature as poet and satirist.
  • Dr.Ambedkar International Mission award for literature in 2008
  • Prasna award for literature 2014
  • Dr.Paruchuri Rajaram Literary award from Progressive Writers Association (అరసం),Andhra Pradesh in 2015
  • Thaapi Dharma Rao award from Thaapi Dharma Rao Vedika  in 2017 for his contribution in the field of journalism and literature
  • K.N.Y.Patanjali award form Patanjali friends and family members in 2018 for his contribution in satire.

Honors :

  • The management ofY.N.College, Narsapur honoured him in the year r 1999 on the eve of Golden Jubilee for his contribution in Telugu journalism and literature.
  •  Felicitated by the same college as one of  the Ten best students for the last 50 years.
  • was adjudged  as one of the  hundred best Telugu writers in the last century by TANA.
  • was felicitated as he was the First editor of Mainstream Telugu Daily Journalism  from West Godavari District in 2004 by Narsapur Civil Society comprising of Journalists, Writers and People’s representatives .

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