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Kovind Plays with 3 ‘B’S

Hyderabad can be defined in 3 ‘B’s: Biryani, Badminton and Bahubali. This was the First comment from the First Citizen of the country for the First official official visit to the City. Yes. Ramnath Kovind, the President of India didn’t…

Dear Junior Doctor, ‘patient’ly yours..!

Sorry junior doctor. You need to swallow a bitter pill. A year-long rural service is inescapable. Pack up and move to the destined village, however distant or remote it may be. None assures you whether Primary Health Centre (PHC) does exist. If you find one such look- alike hospital, don’t be panic

Is KCR’s ‘Operation Aakarsh’ unethical?

Defection sounds unethical to the party that loses its flock. It’s nothing unusual, if the congress in Telangana cries foul for its dwindling strength in the Assembly.

Unfortunately, ethics has ceased to be the language of losers in Indian politics.

అగ్రకులాంతర వివాహాలు!

రాజకీయంగానూ, పారిశ్రామికంగానూ అగ్రభాగాన వున్న వారే ఈ ‘ఆదర్శాన్ని’ పాటిస్తున్నారు. కానీ మధ్యతరగతి వారు సరసమైన కట్నానికి సాటి కులస్తుడు దొరికే వరకూ ఎదురు చూస్తున్నాడు. ‘ఆదర్శం’ కూడా ఖరీదయినదే. అది సంపన్నులకే అందుబాటులో వుంటోంది.

Kiran Now Chasing Rajanarasimha!

The so called truce that was made between the Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy and his adversaries in the party in Delhi has not lasted long. The unyielding CM revived his headhunt in less than a week after he returned from Delhi.

Is DS Succeeding Kiran?

If the change of the guard in Andhra Pradesh is on cards, then who will replace Kiran Kumar Reddy? Rumours are abuzz that D.Srinivas, a staunch loyalist could be the possible guy.

No-Confidence Motion Needs Castes- Not Numbers!

Undoubtedly numbers matter for the no-confidence motion moved in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly. These numbers are not with political parties, but a few dominant castes, say, Kammas, Reddy, Kapus and Velamas. Barring Velamas, each community finds it an opportune moment to express their displeasure (no-confidence)on the other.

Divide and Fool. It’s UP’s Maya.

Divide and fool. It’s not British Maya but UP’Maya’.Mayawati’s demand for division of the state has practically fooled Congress, BJP and SP. Congress can not play ‘anti-incumbency’card in UP and can not find an amicable solution for Telangana in near future in AP, even if it wills to do.

Did Steve Jobs Embrace Helen Keller’s Philosophy?

While reading these lines from Steve Jobs famous speech delivered at Stanford University (in 2006) I was reminiscent of an essay (Three Days to See) written by Helen Keller, a blind author and a legend of her time.
She had discovered a ‘rule’ instead of a ‘tool’ to define life by adding philosophy to death: ‘Sometimes I have thought it would be an excellent rule to live each day as if we should die tomorrow. Such an attitude would emphasize sharply the values of life.’


After Mandir and Kargil, the Saffron Brigade has found another pretext to light their tails and set the enemy camp ablaze: Corruption. Yes, this is highly inflammable.
Head after head of burning effigy of 2G Ravana is tumbling down. Though every Indian political outfit is corrupt, BJP is trying its best to single out UPA, if not Congress