Kiran Now Chasing Rajanarasimha!

The so called truce that was made between the Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy and his adversaries in the party in Delhi has not lasted long. The unyielding CM revived his headhunt in less than a week after he returned from Delhi.

Though he appeared to make a tactical retreat by relieving the investigating officer, Srinivasa reddy in the alleged ‘proxy’ deals of his arch rival and the PCC chief, Bothsa Satyanarayana, in Liquor trade, he has stepped up the probe through ACB into the reported ‘murky’ deals of the other rivals. On Tuesday, he trained his guns against Damodara Rajanarasimha, the Deputy Chief Minister by involving his close relative in Liquor scam, it is reliably learnt.

It’s beyond the comprehension of many of the CM’s cabinet colleagues, why the CM is not ‘mending’ his ways. Some are of the opinion that he wants prove that the CM as an institution has teeth too.
Incidentally both the leaders he has targeted are in the race for the CM Post. Bothsa minced no words in staking his claim for the top post in the state, where as Raja Narasimha, is mounting pressure through SC, ST organisations for his elevation to be the CM.

It is open secret that Manda Krishna, a Dalit leader, strongly supports Rajanarasimha’s candidature for his post. He too revived his movement for categorisation of SCs . He wants to make the Congress supreme realise that SC leaders alone can outwit TRS’ hegemony over Telangana movement.

His proximity with Raja narashima is an open secret. In a way, Manda’s movement will pave the way Raja Narasimha to prove he is the right choice for the post at this critical juncture
Satish Chandar

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  1. Raja Narasimha, better to catch the chair of PCC instead of CM AP, as he is representing one of the SCs Community Madiga,with the motivation of Krishna Madiga, not of all the remaining 59 sub castes in the List of SCs, So it is better for Damodara to run for PCC instead of CMAP.

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