M.S.Reddy Leaves Behind An Unfulfilled Wish!

Even contended persons leave some unfulfilled wishes behind. M.S.Reddy, a multifaceted film personality, who passed away a few days ago, had kept one of his dream projects in cold storage.

This might have given him the utmost pleasure to a poet in him, had it been a reality. It was a film on beauty. As a poet with his pen name ‘Mallemala’ he was known for using chaste Telugu idiom. So, he fondly named the film ‘Andam’, an undiluted Telugu equivalent to the word ‘Beauty’. It was Reddy himself, who penned a woman- oriented story along with lyrics for the film. Srinivasa Reddy of ‘Bommana Brothers and Chandana Sisters’fame, directed the film.

M.S.Reddy kept new faces on cast. The lead female role was no exception.But she was a Telugu girl by name Sahana.

This was a grave mistake, he was believed to have repented. Even his well wishers felt it was a right film at wrong time. That was the period during which hero-centric films were drawing crowds. If this film sees light now at least, it will be a glowing tribute to the poet in M.S.Reddy.

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