Kovind Plays with 3 ‘B’S

Hyderabad can be defined in 3 ‘B’s: Biryani, Badminton and Bahubali. This was the First comment from the First Citizen of the country for the First official official visit to the City. Yes. Ramnath Kovind, the President of India didn’t hide his irresistible love for the City. He punctured his prepared speech on the conclusive day(19th December) of  World Telugu Conference  with mild humor. Forget  PEARLS, the pride of the city, since it’s first letter is not ‘B’ to be rhythmical enough. The President has to be content with -Food(Biryani), Badminton(Sport) and Bahubali(Film) for the sake of world play to praise Hyderabad.

See, how language controls a speaker? Paradox: the very function he took part was on language.

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