CBI Follows Protocol In Sending VIPs To Jail!

AP Minister Mopidevi Venkataramana’s arrest gives a temporary tag of impartiality to CBI. They can now touch Jagan. A few -not many- will cry foul.

If BJP’s earlier interpretative expansion of CBI (CONGRESS  Bureau of Investigation) is right, it follows protocol in sending VIPs to Jail. This protocol doesn’t need to be in concurrence  with  the order of the accused in the charge sheet. A2 (Accused Two) may find early entry into the prison than A1. The protocol goes this way : IAS officers, Auditors, Mininisters  and then Chief Ministers… sorry, Chief Minister aspirants. Excepting the last Category, all have been amply accommodated in Chanchalguda Jail. Now it is the turn of the last category. Interestingly Jagan stands first in the category. Is CBI free from fear and prejudice?

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