None Can Replace Jagan In YSR Congress!

దిల్ కుష గెస్ట్ హౌస్ లో శుక్రవారం నాడు సిబిఐ విచారణకు హాజరవుతున్న జగన్

Arresting Jagan is imminent.  He is sure to go behind bars in a day or two, if not today. It seems, he is totally geared up for this eventuality.

His mother, Vijayamma with folded hands  will steer the campaign in his place. She may not be a match to his inherited histrionics and rhetoric(from father) in her address to people. She will surely outwit his son in drawing sympathy, which will make the (YSR Congress) Party’s deposits swell in vote banks.

She may, of course, draw blank in the post by-polls scenario. Jagan has failed to nurture second rung leadership to strategically steer the party. She will be a misfit to this role!

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  1. One Man Show

    Jagan has been a sole runner for YSR congress party, there is no substitute for him, however his arrest and his mother leading campaign will surely benefit the party on the emotional and sympathy ground towards Late Dr.Y S Rajshekar Reddys family by his followers, which has swelled due to the failure of central as well as state government after his tragic death .

  2. jagan never had the idea of nurturing second leadership to the is appears as standard operating procedure for high profile leaders in congress to walk out of party when dissatisfied,and eventually start another congress and finally bargain terms with high command.
    “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”.
    at times prayers might win votes .

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