No-Confidence Motion Needs Castes- Not Numbers!

Undoubtedly numbers matter for the no-confidence motion moved in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly. These numbers are not with political parties, but a few dominant castes, say, Kammas, Reddy, Kapus and Velamas. Barring Velamas, each community finds it an opportune moment to express their displeasure (no-confidence)on the other.
It was Chandrabau Naidu, the unchallenged political representative of Kamma Community, who mooted no-confidence motion against Kiran Kumar Reddy’s Government, after making sure that it would not be defeated. Neither he nor his community is prepared for mid-term polls. As Reddys represented by Jaganmohan Reddy in Seema- Andhra and Velamas represented by K.Chandra sekhara Rao in Telangana have cast their magic spells on voters with sympathy wave and Telangana stir respectively. Babu’s Telugud Desam draws blank if goes for polls at this juncture.
His very objective of moving this motion was to distance Reddys’ camp represented by Jagan. But against his calculations, instead of Jagan’s camp, it is Kiran’s camp, which is now receiving shock waves .
Congress’ party’s adopted child, Praja Rajyam Party represented by Chiranjeevi, who volunteered the merger with the former, has started revolting. He is believed to have mustered support from Bothsa Satyanarayana, the PCC chief to do this silent coup. Chiranjeevi, thus, has turned out to be the mouthpiece of his Kapu community.
It appears Kapus find it is the right time to ventilate their long brewed anger against the patronage, Kiran’s Government is giving to Reddys too woo them back from Jagan’s fold. Sitting pretty, Velamas are watching the game, while the three communities are fighting with one another.
Though the assembly comprises of the members from all communities including SCs, STs, BCs and Minorities, the play of no-confidence motion is moving around only the three communities. It goes without saying the members from other communities have ceased to be the players. They are left with no alternative except to align with any of these communities.
-Satish Chandar.M

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