Lok ‘Poll’- A Third Wave

బాపు-అన్నా photo by ParveenKumar

After Mandir and Kargil, the Saffron Brigade has found another pretext to light their tails and set the enemy camp ablaze: Corruption. Yes, this is highly inflammable.
Head after head of burning effigy of 2G Ravana is tumbling down. Though every Indian political outfit is corrupt, BJP is trying its best to single out UPA, if not Congress. Of course, the Saffron party has its tough time, to demonstrate its clean image by hiding its “greased palms” behind. (Let us not talk about Gali brothers and Yeddiyurappa for BJP’s sake. They didn’t mint money, but ‘mine’d it) Seeing their ‘Iron’ (Ore) Will, Gandhiji too shifted his stance to BJP. Even Tri-color flag too was full mast in Saffron camp.
It was Anna Hazare, the demigod of Indian Middle Class, made it possible. Clad in Gandhian attire, adorning Gadhi’s portrait as backdrop, he blew his whistle against corruption. As one drug for all ailments, he invoked Lokpal Bill and wanted every elected representative under its ambit. Anna has never been associated to BJP or any of its outfit. He is in no mood to join the ranks of their political conglomerate (NDA) in future too.
However, his word and deed against Corruption are moving large chunks of voters in BJP’s favor. Surveys have vouched up this changeover. To give a grand finale to this BJP’s silent upsurge, Anna came on record to rally voters against Congress. So, its boon for BJP and its allies.
That’s how Anna brought Gandhi to Saffron Camp.
-Satish Chandar

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