Category: Short Poems (English)

Floral Era

I express my inability if you ask me to translate rainbow into one color; to prepare all dishes in one taste; and to sing all lyrics in one tune. Identity lies in plurality and multiplicity. You can find me in group too. This is the soul of my poem.


Our Dreams make us feel guilty every time we shy away in making them true. I may dream of getting drenched in rain; dancing in a moon-lit night or sleeping under a tree. But I put off them for ever. I am draped in clothes knit by shame. Innocence is covered on the pretext of robing nudity. I can never be as nude as I was a child.


Steal a fleeting moment from your own life; keep it at bay; come back and look at it as a stranger.You find a poem. Yes. Poetry is nothing but preserved life. Touh it: It’s your heat. Listen to it:It’s your heart beat.Feel it:It’s your ever haunting dream. You can’t hold it any longer. Pass it on.