Floral Era

(I express my inability if you ask me to translate rainbow into one color; to prepare all dishes in one taste; and to sing all lyrics in one tune. Identity lies in plurality and multiplicity. You can find me in group too. This is the soul of my poem.)padapic-chacha

 How do infants’ smiles look like?

None can describe better than Mother Nature:

She displays flowers on her lap.

Flower doesn’t lose its character-

Be it a Rose adorned to Nehru’s attire,

Or a lotus that made Modi king.

Teeth that line up make a smile,

As petals that pile up form a flower.

Don’t be quick to say

That a lone-tooth-smile does exist.

It looks as melancholic as single-petal-flower.

My country is a flower of multiple petals.

-Satish Chandar

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