Satish Chandar’s Columns- A Summary

SATISH CHANDAR WROTE REGULAR COLUMNS on varied subjects in Newspapers. Most of the columns have turned out to be household names of Andhra Pradesh. Here are some:
1. REPORTER PAMMU : a daily cartoon strip in ‘Vaartha’ (Dialogue based)
2. KONTE CHOOPU : a daily column of satire in edit page (Vaartha)
3. MAYA SABHA : a daily column based on human – interest news items (Vaartha)
4. MAATAKU MAATA : giving a fitting repartee to the statements made by politicians.
COMMENTARY : pocket poems (Vaartha)
6. KOSA MERUPU : a piece of humour in the last page of Sunday magazine section
7. KAVI SAMAYAM : introducing New poets every week with a brief ‘Commentary’ (Vaartha)
8. MADE IN INDIA : political satire (Andhra Bhoomi)
9. LOCHOOPU : political analysis (Kostha Vani)
10. ITHIHASAM : political satire (Suprabhatam)
‘KAMUKULU’ : on modern ‘Geeresams’ (Vaartha)
12. MOOTHI VIRUPU : cold wars in married life (Vaartha)
14. READING ROOM : reviewing a book every week (Vaartha)
15. VAALU CHOOPU : one love story for one week
16. DETECTIVE PAKSHI : political satire (Vaatha)
17. ‘BHAYO’ DATA : lampooning politicians with their funny bio-data
18. PEN-COUNTER : a daily column of pocket poems (Andhra Bhoomi)
19. GUROOJI WHAT SISHYA? : A witty column on politics (Kosta Vani)
20. GUNDEGONTUKALO : a daily column for human-interest stories
(Introduced in Andhra Bhoomi daily)
21. DARUVU : a weekly column in Andhra Prabha Daily (still continuing)
22. SWAKHATAM : lampooning a politician a day with his resume (
23. NAVVU GRAHAALU : Witty pocket poems on political developments in a week. (
24. DARAHASAM : Sarcastic review of the week. (
25. SARADAA JEEVULU : Social Satire (
26. LOVERS’ DEN : Satire on love affairs (King Maker Joker)
27. POLITICAL M’AD’S : lampooning commercial advertisements involving the names of politicians in news (King Maker Joker)
28. E-PAPER : reviewing the week’s political eventsy by making Parody of contents in online editions(Surya Daily)
28. E-PATRIKA : reviewing the week’s political eventsy by making Parody of contents in online editions(VAARTHA Daily,Sunday supplement )
29. CHANDRAHAASAM : Writing a short story a week on the broken human bonds in post-liberalization era.(JANA SANDESH)
30. THAKITATAKA..THOMUTA : Analyzing political trends in lighter vein.(Andhra Bhoomi Daily)

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