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Will Aruna Bahuguna Succeed Dinesh Reddy As DGP?

Can woman be the Top Cop in Andhra Pradesh? The day a female IPS officer to assume the highest office of the Police, Director General of Police(DGP) is not far off. The three officers of 1979 cadre, among which the Chief Ministers has to make a choice to succeed Dinesh Reddy, fortunately include a woman too. She is none other than Aruna Bahuguana. The other two are: S.A Huda and B.Prasada Rao.

Sashidhar Reddy Precedes Others In CM Race!

Amid rumoured certainty of the change of the guard in AP, the name of a leader, who has been seldom talked about, has taken dramatic precedence to all other familiar aspirants. He is none other than Marri Sashidhar Reddy. He has been away from all the feuds with in the congress, at least, after the demise of Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, whom he was opposed to.

Is Dinesh Reddy Eyeing For CBI Director?

Dinesh Reddy, the DGP of AP is eyeing for the Director post in the CBI, it is reliably learnt. This is one of the most coveted posts, which every senior police officer in the nation dreams of. Unlike some of his predecessors, Dinesh as, the top cop of the state, is independently discharging his duties and has become an eye sore to his batch mates.

All That Glitters Is Not ‘Gundu’!

Can a cleanly- shaven head(‘gundu’) be comical? Not always. Along with comedians on screen, heroes, villians and heroines at times make their heads shine.Of course, the impact could be varying: heroes cranium surprises, villians’s scull scares, where as a pretty gal’s soft noddle beckons. The outcome is totally different, when a comedian sporting glittering pumpkin –shaped dome, makes his appearance.

Is Desecration Of Ambedkar’s Statues A Crude ‘By Poll’ Strategy?

The desecration of five Ambedkar statues in the villages near Amalapuram in East Godavari District at one go raising many doubts.
Interestingly, by poll is impending in Ramachandrapuram Assembly segment , which is a part of Amalapuram Parliamentary Constituency ,with the possible disqualification of the sitting legislator and an important congress leader Pilli Subhash Chandra Bose, who is sailing with YSR Congress Party.